Commemoration of World Malaria Day (25.04.2023) and Union Day (26.04.2023) at NIMR Tanga

In commemoration of the world Malaria day 25/4/2023 NIMR Tanga Centre conducted the following activities to the community; Health education, screening for NCDs (Weight, height, Blood pressure and glucose level measurements), Malaria diagnosis and treatment of positive individuals. The community had free medical services for other illnesses. This event took place at NIMR Tanga Grounds Bombo area.

In celebrating 59 years of the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, the centre continued with providing medical services to the community; diagnosis and treatment of Malaria and other related health threats were offered free. Apart from the free medical services given to the community NIMR Tanga staff participated in cleaning the environment surrounding the Tanga Regional Referral Hospital.